About My Husband’s Homebrew

My husband started brewing his own beer in 2009.   We made a trip to St. Paul Minnesota and purchased a starter kit at Northern Brewer.  The minute we walked in the door, we realized there was A LOT to learn about brewing your own beer.  We also learned that it was somewhat of a scientific endeavor.  Did I mention that neither of us are scientists?  Or scientific?  Or chemists?  Did I mention that the best grade I got in chemistry was a D?  No? Well there ya go.  Thankfully, however, my husband is much better at “that stuff.”  At any rate, this was the beginning of a very fulfilling hobby.


Do we still buy beer?  Well of course!  We will occasionally post about new beers we’ve tried, beer related items, fun crochet and knit projects (because that’s MY think) that have a manly flair, road bike stuffs, really there is no limit.  But we’ll try to keep the theme.


Invite your friends!  Come see us often!  Subscribe!  Post to Facebook (where we also have a page but a measly 36 fans – BUT WE LOVE YOU 36 FANS!) OR TWITTER!


But most of all, enjoy…and we hope you pick up the hobby too!!


Andrew & Marcy


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