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We Are Now a One Keg Household.

Scottish AleYep.  We are the proud owners of one bouncing baby Keg.  The Husband decided that for Christmas (and his Birthday) he wanted a kegging system.  Which I soon realized was a rather expensive and time consuming endeavor.  I know people who are very smart and very resourceful, who have created mega-kegs for a whole lot cheaper than we did, but with two small kids and a house to run, we don’t have the energy – let alone the time to be resourceful.  But we wanted to keep it local, so we started where we always start.  Bluff Street Brew Haus.  Jerry hooked The Husband up with the keg, the tapper, the … stuff required for homebrewing in a keg.  But most of all, Jerry just hooked Andrew.  The minute Jerry told Andrew (months ago) that his beer could be ready to tap in 24 hours, Andrew had been salivating.  But I digress. So The Husband got the equipment, and he was mostly set.  Now the search was on for the refrigeration.  Little did we know how complicated an endeavor this would be.  The Husband spent days looking for a mini fridge that would fit his keg.  With no luck.  Finally he found a wine cooler (SCORE FOR THE WIFE!!!) that he could remove the shelves from and use until he got something bigger or needed more room for more kegs.  Unfortunately, the wine cooler is set up for wine and not for beer, so it didn’t keep it cold enough for lagers (at 45 degrees…that’s a piss warm lager).  So the search continued and the wine fridge went back.  (sad day for The Wife).

Luckily, we have resourceful friends.

A Co-worker and friend’s husband of The Husband found a chest freezer at Restore.  Even more, he delivered it and brought some paint to fix up the inside that had a bit of rust in it.  It was…wait for it…$25.  Seriously.  So back to Bluff Street Brew Haus The Husband went and purchased a thermostat thing to install to turn the freezer into a refrigerator.  Who knew right?

So now we are the proud owners of a homemade kegerator with plenty of beer.  What’s tapping today is Jerry’s Scottish Ale.  And it is good.




(Photos are Copyright to The Wife and The Husband and to MyHusbandsHomeBrew blog – so be cool, and don’t rip them off as your own, though it’s OK to share for informational purposes, just give us some credit, k?)


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